Our clients own properties with apparent or hidden potential. We highlight the possibilities and support them throughout the development process.

The properties often have similar shortcomings such as vacancies, unsatisfactory returns, below market price rental income, frequent new renters, high operating costs, administrative expenses and even a negative market perception.


Industrial enterprises and businesses with property portfolios as well as companies and entrepreneurs looking to acquire or sell. 

Lower Austria

Corporation Zoning Process

A client owns a large commercial property, which holds it’s largest potential within the framework of a zoning process. Asset Up, in collaboration with architects, lawyers and tax advisors, executes the zoning process for the owner. 

Upper Austria

International Industrial enterprise

An international corporation has shut down a very large facility in Upper Austria and is trying to ascertain its potential.  Together with international stakeholders potential, possibilities and reutilization scenarios were identified. The property is now for sale. 

Lower Austria

Industrial Enterprise

A corporation with an industrial plant and warehouse shuts down its outdated facilities in a small Austrian town.  Asset Up is commissioned to conduct an analysis and feasibility study of this property, resulting in the successful sale to a developer.

Private Sector

Individuals or trusts with a real estate portfolio and or capital expenditure requirements.


Private Trust develops an apartment building

An apartment building which has been in the trust’s possession for decades is to undergo renovations. At the same time Asset Up is assessing financing options for a top floor expansion.


Individual builds on grassland

A freelancer acquires a newly dedicated green meadow.  Asset Up demonstrates it’s potential during the acquisition process already and continues to support the client during project development.

Lower Austria

Private Trust

A private trust would like to sell its extensive property.  The property encompasses several different zoning restrictions and utilisation possibilities.  The subdivision into individual projects allows the trust to sell off project scopes as necessary.  Asset Up demonstrates potential and possibilities.  The trust will effect rezoning itself and sell off at higher prices.  

Public Sector

Communities with stock properties as well as acquisition or sales concerns. Optimization of the communal budget due to informed investment decisions. Communities with expanding or changing utilization demands.

Lower Austria

Community would like to sell

A community in Lower Austria has an offer on the table for a building for sale. With the professional guidance of Asset Up the property can be sold for three times the amount. 

Lower Austria

Community purchases and develops

A community in Lower Austria wants to purchase a property for public usage. In collaboration with architects Asset Up illustrates possible implementations to meet the requirements.  The realisation of development potential of otherwise unused public areas and the sale of such properties can be a fruitful endeavour for communities.

Lower Austria

Community is looking to buy

An urban municipality would like to proactively influence the district design by acquiring an appealing apartment building. Asset Up highlights the exploitation potential and calculates cost scenarios, which leads to a successful acquisition.

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