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Property Potential

Due Diligence & Feasibility

Project Development

Lower Austria

Corporation Zoning Process

A client owns a large commercial property, which holds it’s largest potential within the framework of a zoning process. Asset Up, in collaboration with architects, lawyers and tax advisors, executes the zoning process for the owner. 

Lower Austria

Community would like to sell

A community in Lower Austria has an offer on the table for a building for sale. With the professional guidance of Asset Up the property can be sold for three times the amount. 

Lower Austria

Community purchases and develops

A community in Lower Austria wants to purchase a property for public usage. In collaboration with architects Asset Up illustrates possible implementations to meet the requirements.  The realisation of development potential of otherwise unused public areas and the sale of such properties can be a fruitful endeavour for communities.

Lower Austria

Community is looking to buy

An urban municipality would like to proactively influence the district design by acquiring an appealing apartment building. Asset Up highlights the exploitation potential and calculates cost scenarios, which leads to a successful acquisition.


Private Trust develops an apartment building

An apartment building which has been in the trust’s possession for decades is to undergo renovations. At the same time Asset Up is assessing financing options for a top floor expansion.

„You would like to increase the rate of return on your properties? As civil engineers and commercial real estate specialist we uncover both the technical and economical potential”

Dipl. Ing. Michael Toms


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